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Statement of Purpose:

  1. To uphold high standards of midwifery practice.
  2. To unify and increase communication among midwives.
  3. To promote official recognition of professional midwifery by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  4. To represent midwives to the public.
  5. To handle complaints among midwives and consumers.
  6. To provide educational opportunities.
  7. To promote services to midwives that address diversity, foster inclusiveness and enhance cultural awareness.

By signing up on this website: I agree to practice within the scope of the MMA Practice Guidelines. MMA Practice Guidelines can be found here:

Electronic Notice Authorization: By signing this authorization, you agree to receive all meeting notices and mail ballots, for actions which require mail ballots votes, via electronic mail.

Membership Payment: Once you submit the form, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your payment. The fee is $100 per year for practicing midwives and $50 per year for supporting members. If you do not want to use PayPal see below for options by mail.


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Apply online: Complete the above form OR download the form here and email this form to Rebecca Beck, AND pay on line via PayPal after submitting the above form.

Any updates in your contact information should be sent to:

For questions and/or more information about membership in MMA please contact our officers:
President, open
Vice President, open
Treasurer, Rebecca Beck, 508-341-7191,
Clerk, Catherine Stamatos, 617-817-5397,

Or an MMA board member:
Consumer Board Member – open

Region 1 Board Member – Jessica Petrone, 508-254-4424,
Region 3 Board Member – Rebecca Taylor, 812-606-7887,
Region 2 Board Member – Kim Lueders, 508-328-4047,
Other Midwife Board Member – open

Certified Nurse Midwife Board Member: open
Student Rep Board Member – Ruby Burke, 978-857-4348,

Thank you!