For Midwives


The Massachusetts Midwives Alliance (MMA) is a professional trade organization created by and for a dynamic and diverse group of midwives. The MMA was founded to build cooperation among midwives, and to promote midwifery as a means of improving health care for women and their families.

We promote practicing the Midwives Model of Care based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. This means we not only practice the Art of Midwifery, but also put strong emphasis on current evidence-based midwifery practice. We represent Certified Professional Midwives, Traditional/Direct-Entry Midwives and Certified Nurse Midwives who practice in hospital, home, and birth center environments.


Statements of Purpose:

  1. To uphold high standards of midwifery practice.
  2. To unify and increase communication among midwives.
  3. To promote official recognition of professional midwifery by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  4. To represent midwives to the public.
  5. To handle complaints among midwives and consumers.
  6. To provide educational opportunities.
  7. To promote services to midwives that address diversity, foster inclusiveness and enhance cultural awareness.


Health Disparities in Reproductive Health and Midwifery