The annual MMA meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of every June from 10-2.

The 2019 Massachusetts Midwives Alliance Annual Meeting was held on Monday June 10, 2019 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester 90 Holden St, Worcester, MA 01606 from 9:30 – 2:30. The themes this year were: Connection and Affirmation and Chocolate! The meeting was potluck and we had lots of chocolate and food to share. This meeting was open to the public.

The following folks attended the meeting: Rebecca Taylor and Sophie, Elizabeth Mandell and Elliott and Evie, Catherine McKeown-Lindsey, Kira Kim, Maria Caudle, Jessica Petrone, Rachel Blessington and Gabriel, Jemimah Israel, Kim Barstow, Marianne Pelletier, Kim Lueders, Rebecca Beck, Jessy Bready, Ruby Chaffee, Karrie Perry, Camila Santiago, Laurie Hanrahan, Kim Bradlee and Joyce Kimball.

We had a great intro circle chatting about what each of us was working on, happy about and stressing us out. 😊

  1. Treasurer report – Rebecca Beck – Balance as of 5/31/2019 $4947.17. 2019/2020 expected expenses: website, tax/bank fees, PIPH, donations, scholarship, advertising.
  2. Membership – You can join or rejoin MMA either on-line at or print out, complete and mail the MMA membership form at the end of this document
  3. Voting – The following folks were nominated for the following positions on the MMA Board of Directors. Catherine will send out an online ballot to all members for voting.
  4. CNM Rep – Marianne Pelletier, CNM
  5. Practicing Midwife Rep – Rachel Blessington, CPM
  6. Student Midwife Rep – Ruby Chaffee, Midwifery Student
  7. Region 1 (within Route 128) Midwife Rep – Jessica Petrone, CPM
  8. We discussed some news and notes:
    1. Reliant Midwives at Saint Vincent Hospital are not accepting transfers of care after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
    2. Dr. Hardiman is heading a breech fellowship so you may want to contact her if a client is interested in discussing breech birth.
    3. Dr. Rixa Freeze is running a breech workshop in Dover, NH in August 2019
    4. Augustine Colebrook’s Advanced Midwifery Skills Training happening in Northboro, MA in October 2019 has some CEUs.
    5. Kira Kim will be doing a breastfeeding workshop through BACE in the fall.
    6. Premier Diagnostics in Worcester is closing 8/1/2019. There is a Premier Diagnostics in Framingham with Dr. Adam Uratu and a Premier Diagnostics in Concord. And Shaila Associates in Chelmsford is open and interested in providing all ultrasound services.
    7. “spot urine” is an option for a quick check for protein in the urine – lab corp test code 003129.
    8. Carole Groobman presented her one woman educational show about Childbirth “Force of Nature” at the BirthWorks Conference in Florida last month. We directed her to the folks at Partners in Perinatal Health.
    9. Katherine Bramhall is putting on her one woman show Blood Sweat Baby and Life after Orgasm on June 15th in Somerville
    10. The MA Treasurer’s Office is giving $50 to each family upon opening a 529 college savings account.
    11. Nancy Wainer is hosting some midwives from Spain, Denmark and Finland in September 2019. If you are open to having them attend some prenatal or postpartum or births with you, please let her know:
    12. The BabySafe Project is offering free flyers re: the risks of prenatal exposure to wireless radiation.

Massachusetts Midwives Alliance Statements of Purpose:

  1. To uphold high standards of midwifery practice.
    1. We have an amazing set of practice guidelines that we review regularly. Next practice guidelines meeting will be Friday, November 8, 2019 from 10 to 2 at Cake Shop Café in Millbury, MA. All are welcome!
  2. To unify and increase communication among midwives.
    1. We discussed the benefit of moving the MA midwifery newsletter info to the website.
    2. Joyce called Sue to see if we can access the email loop called “MMAlist”.
    3. Maria suggested some kind of “welcome” packet for new midwives to the MA community.
  3. To promote official recognition of Professional Midwifery by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
    1. MMA members have stated that they want MMA as an organization to be “like Switzerland” and neutral regarding discussing the bill to license home birth midwives in MA. You can get more information about the bill to license MA home birth midwives at and
    2. As the organization representing MA home birth midwifery, MMA met with MA State House reps regarding other legislation in MA including the punitive transfer bill and the doula bill in an effort to promote official recognition of professional midwifery in MA.
    3. Kira talked about the 2 bills to license lactation consultants. She encourages everyone to read each of them.
  4. To represent midwives to the public.
    1. MMA is on the coordination team of Partners in Perinatal Health Conference and has a table at each PIPH conference. Kim Bradlee is the MMA PIPH rep.
    2. MMA members hold home birth information nights as well as attend “home to hospital” cooperation gatherings such as at Brigham, Cooley and BayState Greenfield.
    3. We have a new website! Please check is out and join and get on the Map of Midwives and/or update your profile on the map. As mentioned, above, we are planning to move the newsletter to midwives who practice in MA to the website, as well as create a “supporting members” page.
  5. To handle complaints among midwives and consumers.
    1. MMA Board of Directors and Officers handle 1-2 of complaints each year working with the public, among midwives, and with hospitals and other birth care providers to provide training, guidance and resolution of complaints.
  6. To provide educational opportunities for midwives.
    1. Each MMA quarterly meeting agenda provides a list of education opportunities for midwives.
    2. The MMA Basic Midwifery Course is coming back in September 2019! If you are interested in teaching or attending please let Rebecca Beck know at Midwives who practice in MA can audit any of the MMA Basic Midwifery Course classes. Please advertise the MMA Midwifery Course widely!
  7. To promote access to midwifery care to all women and work toward reducing disparities in maternal/child health.
    1. Kim mentioned that this statement of purpose didn’t address the needs of midwives but of consumers and therefore wasn’t a “valid” MMA Statement of Purpose. We spent a good amount of time discussing how to re-structure this purpose towards midwives and came up with: To promote services to midwives that address diversity, foster inclusiveness and enhance cultural awareness. When Catherine sends out the ballot for folks to vote on Board positions, she’ll ask members to yay or nay this change to Statement of Purpose #7.
    2. Rachel Hess is offering an in-service to providers on LGBQ/T competency specific to the perinatal period. Folks suggested that we have Rachel do an in-service at next MMA meeting on Tuesday September 10, 2019 12-2 (immediately following our MMA meeting 10-12) in the north of boston-ish area. (Who said they’d find a space for this meeting?)

We ended up not watching the movie but talking, connecting, eating and sharing. Then we had some roundtable discussions:

  1. Childcare options when you are a birth worker: free friends, paid friends, babysitting co-ops, paying someone, going rate is $12/hour, home school kids and/or families.
  2. We chatted about the manual vacuum extractor and the “papaya workshop” to demystify the manual vacuum extraction process. We tentatively scheduled a “papaya workshop” for Wednesday, December 4th 2019 at Jessica Petrone’s office at 294 Pleasant Street in Stoughton from 12-2, immediately following our MMA meeting there from 10-12.
  3. The pastor at the UU Church offered to meet with us re: the UU “Compassionate Care” program and some suggested that Molly Dutton Kenney is active in the Boston Abortion Support Network and offers trainings for providers in compassionate care.
  4. We discussed the Caya Diaphragm which can be bought on-line for $100. As well as “Smart Women’s Choice” – essentially petroleum jelly that’s not FDA approved as a contraceptive.
  5. Some folks had just attended the Empty Arms training but may also attend the Amy Wright Glenn’s training on Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday June 15, 2019 do a training:
  6. We discussed a traumatic birth at Emerson, a recent Brigham transfer, and the Bay State Franklin in Greenfield midwifery meeting.
  7. Marianne did a talk at the annual ACOG meeting re: home birth and was received well.
  8. Jessica Petrone has an updated breech informed choice document she’d be willing to share.
  9. Bec wants o offer a “help your breech baby turn” resource to folks on Cape.
  10. We started talking about cervical lips (and the use of helichrysum essential oil, walchers position, alcohol/water in condom inserted, time and waiting) and ended up talking about a twins birth with a 6 hour space between babies, and other twins and breech births in MA.
  11. Folks suggested checking Hopkins Medical and Masimo for a CCHD pulse ox.

Catherine will send out a ballot to members looking for your vote on the following positions:

  1. CNM Rep – Marianne Pelletier, CNM
  2. Practicing Midwife Rep – Rachel Blessington, CPM
  3. Student Midwife Rep – Ruby Chaffee, Midwifery Student
  4. Region 1 (within Route 128) Midwife Rep – Jessica Petrone, CPM

As well as your nay or yay on #7 Statement of Purpose language change:

From: To promote access to midwifery care to all women and work toward reducing disparities in maternal/child health

To: To promote services to midwives that address diversity, foster inclusiveness and enhance cultural awareness


Once the 2019-2020 Board of Directors has been voted and settled, the 2019-2020 Board of Directors will choose the 2019-2020 Officers. Current 2018 – 2019 Officers:

President – Joyce Kimball

Vice President – Marianne Pelletier

Treasurer – Rebecca Beck

Clerk – Catherine Stamatos


Next meetings:

  1. Tuesday, September 10, 2019 north of Boston-ish – MMA meeting 10-12, in-service with Rachel Hess 12-2
  2. Friday, November 8, 2019 Cake Shop Café, 22 West Street, Millbury, practice guidelines meeting 10-2
  3. Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 294 Pleasant Street, Stoughton, MMA meeting 10-12, Papaya workshop 12-2
  4. Thursday, March 5, 2020, at 9 Worcester Avenue, Turner’s Falls, MA, MMA meeting 10-12, peer review 12-2
  5. Monday, June 8, 2020 in Central MA, Annual MMA meeting 9:30 – 2:30