MMA Midwifery Course Classes

The Massachusetts Midwives Alliance Basic Course in Midwifery meets twice a month September through June to learn from practicing midwives from around Massachusetts. Each full day class consists of a seminar style presentation on the material studied at home the preceding month, and usually a skills practicum. Light summer work will be assigned in preparation for the first class. These are full days, so expect to arrive on time and be prepared to run a few minutes over if the material demands it. Due to the intensive nature of the days, only non-mobile nursing babies will be allowed.

Prerequisite: Cultural Competency Training through Mercy In Action


September Orientation class and History of midwifery

September Medical terminology and and Anatomy and Physiology

October First trimester: nutrition, medial history intake, miscarriage. Skills: blood pressure, pulse

October Research evidence based care; Diversity/disparities in midwifery/obstetric care and cultural sensitivity

November Second Trimester: conducting a prenatal, common concerns and complaints. Skills: palpation, auscultation

November Pelvic exams, labs. Skill: blood draw, IM injections, paps and pelvic exams

December Third Trimester: troubleshooting, postdates, NST, BPP, the home visit. Skills: clonus, CVA, edema, GBS swab sterilizing equipment.

December Labor and Delivery One: signs and symptoms, hormones, ROM, monitoring maternal and fetal well-being. Skill: Role play, counting FHT


January Labor and Delivery Two: Third stage/placenta, EBL, new born transition, skin ti skin, NNR review. Skills: Newborn exam, placental exam, EBL

January Postpartum: postpartum visits, (where midwifery shines), breastfeeding, mood disorders. Skills: Edinburgh scale, role play, review of vitals

February Childbirth Education with Vicki Elson

February Doula day! Local doulas will spend the morning talking shop and teaching hands -on skills. Afternoon: Breastfeeding for providers: troubleshooting, solutions and when to call in help.

March Unusual Labor and Birth One

March  Unusual Labor and Birth Two

April Cesarean birth, VBAC, Transport, Stillbirth; alternative therapies

April  Grief workshop/training; Herbs: herbs used in pregnancy and birth. Skill: infusions and tinctures.

May  Basic Suturing; CPR training

May Business of Midwifery, next steps, apprenticeships

May (possible make up day if there were any snow day etc.) **if not needed could decide as a group to bump dates up

June Research paper presentation; take home final exam passed in as well as ALL homework due to graduate with certificate of completion

June Graduation ceremony

*** class dates may be subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen challenges.