MMA Basic Midwifery Course

Classes will be from September 2022 until June 2023!

A Journey into Midwifery

Dedicated to the age old art of Midwifery in its simplest form, we seek to honor and cherish the midwives who came before us and those who continue these traditions.

The MMA Basic Midwifery Course combines in depth independent study with an engaging bimonthly full day classroom. Our comprehensive course can help you prepare for apprenticeship or clinical work, gain insight into childbearing and women’s health, ground your doula or childbirth education practice in an expansive knowledge base, and connect you to a great group of students.

The MMA Midwifery Course uses a unique format balancing independent study, with in house all day classes generally meeting two Saturdays a month. Students complete homework, projects, and readings at home. Class time is used to synthesize knowledge, practice hands on skills, share experiences and learn from being with the midwives and each other. Students will have the opportunity to become childbirth educators as well as access and scholarships to local doula training. Our students have gone on to apprenticeships, clinical programs, nursing school, doula work and other paths.

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