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The MMA Midwifery Program to begin in October of 2014.


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A Journey into Midwifery

Dedicated to the age old art of Midwifery in its simplest form: The passing of wisdom from one woman to another. We honor and cherish the midwives who continue these traditions.

Taught by a diverse group of practicing midwives from across Massachusetts, the MMA Basic Midwifery Course provides a rich foundation from which to embark on your journey into midwifery.  The Basic Course combines in depth independent study with an engaging bimonthly full day classroom.  Our comprehensive course can help you prepare for apprenticeship or clinical work, gain insight into childbearing and women’s health, ground your doula or childbirth education practice in an expansive knowledge base, and connect you to a great group of women.  Midwifery is an age-old profession currently undergoing rapid change.  We hope that you’ll join us and be part of the next generation of our timeless profession!

The MMA Midwifery Course uses a unique format balancing independent study, with in house all day classes generally meeting two Sundays a month.  Students complete homework, projects, and readings at home. Class time is used to synthesize knowledge, practice hands on skills, share experiences and learn from being with the midwives and each other. An online resource site provides additional articles and activities. A weekend doula certification is incorporated into the program giving students the opportunity to build a doula practice while still enrolled in the course, a great way to integrate new knowledge. CPR and Neonatal Resuscitaion Certification is included. Our students have gone on to apprenticeships, clinical programs, nursing school, doula work and other paths.

Why Choose the MMA Basic Course in Midwifery?

  • Created by midwives, for midwives, the MMA course passes along traditional knowledge enhanced by the latest scientific research.
  • Learn from a diverse group of midwives each bringing her own wisdom and style into the classroom
  • A multifaceted educational approach engages you through storytelling, discussion, hands-on experience and traditional academic methods. 
  • Supportive learning environment to facilitate close connections with fellow students
  • Dedicated to diversity and social responsibility, we aim to empower our students to serve diverse communities and uphold ethical culturally conscious midwifery practices.
  • In person guidance and direction from midwives as you practice a variety of hands on skills used in the clinical setting.
  • ToLabor doula certification is included. Through this three day workshop you can choose to build a doula practice to complement your midwifery education. For more info visit
  • MMA Basic Course Online provides access to articles and supplemental activities and resources

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to:

  • Attend classes
  • Attend a Massachusetts Midwives Alliance meeting or event
  • Take part in a self-selected extracurricular project or event
  • Complete a portfolio
  • Participate in a community service project

Course coordinators will work with students to help with any issues meeting these requirements. Please note that while the MMA Basic Midwifery Course is good preparation for apprenticing with a midwife, and will help introduce you to local midwives, we cannot guarantee placement in an apprenticeship at the completion of this program. Please also note that we are not MEAC-accredited at this time. Students who wish to become Certified Professional Midwives will need to complete additional requirements through the North American Registry of Midwives.

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