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The MMA Basic Midwifery Course

The Massachusetts Midwives Alliance (MMA) Basic Midwifery Course is an excellent education to build your “supporting families during the childbearing year” practice!

Massachusetts Midwives Alliance is running their every-other-Saturday, MMA Basic Midwifery, September 2022 to June 2023.

While CPM Rebecca Beck is running the course, classes will be taught by a diverse group of practicing midwives, exposing you to a variety of styles and philosophies and building your connections in the MA birth world.

Class meetings are a mix of didactic learning and skills practice, and use role playing, storytelling, discussion and interactive activities to develop competency and confidence. Our students have achieved a better understanding in all aspects of the childbearing year and gone on to apprenticeships, clinical programs, nursing schools, bachelor’s and master’s programs, as well as work as a childbirth educator, yoga instructor, doula, herbalist, massage therapist, pelvic floor PT, community midwife, CPM, CNM, public health professional and many other paths.

While MMA Basic Midwifery Course provides the non-MEAC accredited didactic education to apprentice with a community midwife, the Course does not place students in an apprentice position with a practicing community midwife and cannot guarantee placement in an apprenticeship at the completion of this program.

The rich curriculum covers the following and more!
History of Midwifery, A&P for Midwives, Medical Terminology & Charting, Prenatal Care: A class for each trimester focusing in on norms and troubleshooting, Nutrition, Prenatal Labs and Pelvic Exams, Informed choice: Interpreting Research and Evidence Based Midwifery Care, Childbirth Ed Training, Labor and Birth, Labor Support, Unusual Labor and Birth, Vaginal Birth after Cesarean and Cesarean Section, Immediate postpartum, Postpartum Care, Breastfeeding for Providers, Grief Loss and Self Care for Birth Workers, The Business of Midwifery, Birth Activism, Next Steps & More!

WHERE: The 2022/2023 Classes will be held in Northampton, Massachusetts.

WHEN: September-June, approximately every other Saturday (some months variable due to holidays)

Fees and Schedule of Payment:
A non-refundable deposit of $125 is due with application.
Remainder of Tuition ($3800-deposit=$3650) is due by the first class.
Refunds will not be given after the first class.
Women of Color scholarships available upon inquiry.
Early Bird Special: Tuition reduced to $ 3500 if paid in full by June 30, 2022.
Additional Fees:
Books and materials can be bought or borrowed and prices are variable $100-$300.
Only prerequisite: All students must complete the Mercy in Action online Cultural Competency and
Respectful Maternity Care. The course is $99.
If online access is a challenge, arrangements can be made to help you complete the requirement.
WHO to Contact: Rebecca C Beck, CPM, 508-341-7191,


Dedicated to diversity and social responsibility, we aim to empower our students to serve diverse communities and uphold ethical culturally conscious midwifery practices.

Donations to the Scholarship Fund can be made here: