MMA Representation Policy

The Massachusetts Midwives Alliance is a large and diverse organization, and welcomes members with widely ranging views, beliefs, practices and priorities. To honor the diversity of our membership, we ask that all members abide by the following policy related to representing MMA in all forums outside of the organization:

While all members are welcome and encouraged to state their membership in MMA, all members must understand and respect the distinction between representing themselves as an MMA member versus representing themselves as a voice of MMA.
Members are asked to refrain from making statements of political, social, religious, spiritual etc. beliefs as MMA representatives. Please keep statements personal-ie “I, Jane Doe, a MMA member, feel that XYZ” rather than “MMA feels that XYZ”.

Members may state the MMA aims and mission as defined on the website and in the handbook, as these aims and mission have been agreed upon by all members.
Members may not speak for the organization, portray themselves as MMA representatives, make contracts or agreements or pledge support on behalf of the organization without express written permission of the board/officers.

MMA represents a collaborative organization with an established consensus decision making process. While members are encouraged to follow their interests and act on their passions, they are asked to be careful to again speak as themselves, rather than for the organization as a whole. In order to bill an event, partnership, workshop or statement as an MMA event, partnership, collaboration, workshop or statement you must have approval from the MMA board and officers. If the board and officers feels that it is appropriate, they will call for a vote from the membership.

Please note that this policy applies to all forms of communication, including media representations, online presence and fund-raising efforts. While we think fundraising and raising awareness are vital to the success of our organization, we honor the collaborative, consensus-based nature of our group. Therefore, all formal/organized efforts to fundraise or promote the midwifery model must be discussed with the board and officers before they take place, and written permission from the board and officers must be obtained.

To obtain written permission from the board and officers, please email any MMA officer (the president, vice president, treasurer or clerk) with a brief description of your efforts. Please include any promotional materials for the event you have created in your email to the board member. If possible, please give at least 2 weeks notice before the planned event or meeting, though we understand that this won’t be possible in all cases. The officer you contact will discuss with other board members and officers as needed/as she sees fit and will reply by email. This email communication will serve as written permission.

Anyone with questions regarding this policy and its application should contact a board member or officer.

This policy is intended to ensure collaboration and consensus, and to ensure that the MMA’s diversity and mission are accurately represented.