Massachusetts Midwives Alliance

Alexis Topham, CPM

CPM - Certified Professional Midwife
CNM - Certified Nurse-Midwife
MMA-DEM - MMA Direct-Entry Midwife
PMUS - Primary Midwife Under Supervision

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Homebirth Midwifery, Birth Doula Care, Childbirth Education, and Breastfeeding Councilling.

About Alexis

I am a midwife, doula, and certified childbirth educator in the suburbs of Boston.  I have 3 sons, Frankie (1998) and Trevor (2000), and Victor (2010).

My oldest child Frankie has a rarely discussed liver disease called Wilson's Disease and is on the Autism Spectrum.  I have much empathy and love for all the families that are out there struggling/juggling with the demands of caring for a child or close family member with a disability and/or chronic disease.    

I have been attending births in a multiple capacities in every setting since 1999. I am a certified Birth Doula through DONA International and I am a certified Childbirth Educator through the Boston Association of Childbirth Education.  I also teach childbirth classes at both Newton Wellesley Hospital and Mothers and Company in West Boylson, MA.

I have been lucky to attended hundreds of births, each one special and unique, with fabulous families.  I am so honored to be invited to take part in such a wonderful and transformative part of their lives.