Massachusetts Midwives Alliance

Rebecca Taylor, CPM

CPM - Certified Professional Midwife
CNM - Certified Nurse-Midwife
MMA-DEM - MMA Direct-Entry Midwife
PMUS - Primary Midwife Under Supervision

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Cape Cod Homebirth Services

  • Waterbirth, Upright birth, Birth stool, VBAC
  • Preconception counseling, Well Woman Care
  • Childbirth Classes and Breastfeeding Support
  • In-hospital labor support (Birth Doula)
  • All Cultures, Ages, Religions and Families welcome
  • Coming soon - Infant Massage Classes

About Rebecca

I am an apprentice trained Certified Professional Midwife.  I began attending births as a doula 14 years ago.  Since then I have earned a BA in anthropology, become a CD and a CPM.  With my background in anthropology, I greatly enjoyed my midwifery apprenticeship in the Midwest, working with all kinds of cultures from old order Amish to university professors and alternative families, all the while immersed in Midwest culture.  Before sitting for my exams I participated in an internship at a hospital in Belize.  The opportunity to assist the Belizean moms was wonderful and my observations of the local hospital culture were eye opening.  After returning, I sat for my exam and was awarded my CPM.  Since then I have been attending births as both a doula and homebirth midwife on Cape Cod as well as providing childbirth education services.  I also spent the winter of 2010/11 as the primary midwife at a birth center in Minnesota.  Having attended births in so many different circumstances I believe our bodies work!  I believe in the mom's right and ability to birth the way they choose and that my role is to provide informed compassionate care to all my clients.