Massachusetts Midwives Alliance

Rebecca Herman, CPM

CPM - Certified Professional Midwife
CNM - Certified Nurse-Midwife
MMA-DEM - MMA Direct-Entry Midwife
PMUS - Primary Midwife Under Supervision

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With Woman Midwifery Services

  • Pre-conception counseling
  • Annual exams and interconception care
  • Wholistic pre-natal and post partum care
  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Belly Casting

Rebecca specializes in mind-body techniques for minimizing the impact of past trauma on the childbearing year.  With Woman Midwifery houses a special project, The Butterfly Initiative, which is dedicated to providing training, resources and workshops to improve reproductive care for female survivors of sexual abuse.  The Butterfly Initiative is not strictly a midwifery venture and can offer valuable support and guidance for those receiving care from OBs and/or those planning a hospital delivery. 

About Rebecca

I began my path to midwifery in 2003.   After completing school through the National College of Midwifery and the Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center in 2008, I have worked within the US, in both New Mexico and Massachusetts, as well as in Senegal.  I discovered my love of midwifery while conducting nutrition research in Tanzania and continue to strongly believe that a food based approach is the most straightforward way to manage many common complaints during the childbearing years.   I am deeply committed to empowering women to take charge of their own health and that of their babies.   Having grown up and worked in many countries I am fascinated by  the infinite ways we relate to and work with our bodies.   I believe that the transitions of childbearing are greatly eased when we listen to our bodies and love guiding women to hear  those messages.