Massachusetts Midwives Alliance

Sybille Andersen, CPM

CPM - Certified Professional Midwife
CNM - Certified Nurse-Midwife
MMA-DEM - MMA Direct-Entry Midwife
PMUS - Primary Midwife Under Supervision

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Nantucket Midwifery Services Services

I offer full prenatal, birth and postpartum services for a happy and safe homebirth on the Islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. My services also include doula services for hospital birth, well-woman care, childbirth education, as well as a free lending library of books, videos and DVDs. VBACs welcome! I also offer the free use of my birthing tub. 

About Sybille

I am a Certified Professional Midwife and have been practicing on Nantucket Island as a primary midwife since 1997, and on the Vineyard since 2006. I followed the apprenticeship model of education here on Nantucket, as well as trained and then worked full time as a supervisory midwife at a birth center in El Paso, TX. At the birth center I have clocked in 73 weeks to date, while averaging approximately 40-50 clinical hours per week. I obtained my CPM certification in 2000.

I believe in the safety of homebirth, the power of the natural process of birth, and in the wisdom of the women I serve. I am a mother of two homebirthed amazing children and have assisted in over 576 births. What can I say - I love my job!