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We’ve made great progress towards achieving licensure and regulation of Certified Professional Midwives in MA. Our bill, An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives (HB 3971) is STILL IN the House Ways and Means Committee—WE NEED TO GET IT OUT OF THERE!! We urgently need your help RIGHT NOW to help pass this legislation. Can you take 2 minutes to make a key phone call to Chairman Brian Dempsey, the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee (617 722 2990) and ask that he support HB 3971, An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives. Chairman Dempsey represents Haverill, MA; if you’re from there please be sure to mention where you live as constituent calls have additional clout. Your support at this time will make a huge difference. (The bill was given an “ought to pass” by the Health Care Financing Committee and released favorably on 5/21/14, so this is a critical moment and every call will have an impact. By licensing and regulating CPMs in this state, we hope to make home birth safer for all families that choose to give birth at home. Thank you for your ongoing support.